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Larry Rottman, SRA is among the most talented in the industry. He has appraised over 25,000 homes in West Michigan since 1978, worked as a mortgage loan originator for five years, serviced five southwestern Michigan counties with appraisals for 33 years, and served on the board of directors for the West Michigan Chapter of the Institute of Financial Education.

An appraisal can make a difference and is utilized to determine market value for several purposes including, but not limited to, mortgage financing, estate purposes, divorce, bankruptcy, litigation, tax appeal, and listing or selling purposes.

Larry R. Rottman, SRA

State of Michigan #1201000653 State Licenced Appraiser


APPRAISER & CEO - Midwest Real Estate Services, Inc.

Muskegon, MI - Appraising since 1978

REAL ESTATE BROKER - Midwest Investment Services, Inc.

Muskegon MI - Since 1978

LOAN OFFICER - Muskegon Federal Savings and Loan Association

Muskegon, MI - 1971 to 1978


  • BS, Western Michigan University, 1970
  • Certificate of Achievement - Institute of Financial Education
  • Introduction to Appraising Real Estate Property - Society of Real Estate Appraisers
  • R2 Examination - Society of Real Estate Appraisers
  • Brokers Preparation - Holloways Real Estate Institute
  • Narrative Report Writing Seminar - Society of Real Estate Appraisers
  • Verification of Experienced Credits for Senior Residential Appraiser Designation - Society of Real Estate Appraisers
  • Demonstrative Narrative Appraisal Report for Senior Residential Appraiser Designation - Society of Real Estate Appraisers
  • SRA designation - Society of Real Estate Appraisers, which is now the Appraisal Institute
  • Attended numerous seminars and courses offered by the Society of Real Estate Appraisers, the Appraisal Institute and the Michigan Association of Real Estate Appraisers over the past 33 years
  • Completed Continuing Education Program of the Appraisal Institute


"I would like to advise that Larry Rottman has assisted our law office in the appraisal of real estate upwards of 20 years. We find that his appraisals are well researched and prepared. Mr. Rottman's appraisals are respected in the legal community. Indeed, I have found that few attorneys contest Mr. Rottman's appraisals and that the appraisals are accepted as the only appraisal in the case.

Mr. Rottman's appraisals are performed in a punctual, timely fashion. On occasion, Mr. Rottman has expended extraordinary effort in dispatch to prepare a late-ordered product.

Mr. Rottman is our only appraiser, and we anticipate Mr. Rottman to be our appraiser into the indefinite future."

Richard K. Reider, Attorney at Law

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Larry Rottman, SRA. Service 1 Federal Credit Union has been doing business with Mr. Rottman for nearly ten years. Larry always displays a high degree of knowledge and he is very thorough when researching properties. I feel very confident that we have an accurate market value when using the appraisal services offered by Larry Rottman."

Cindy Gaultney, VP of Lending

Service 1 Federal Credit Union

"I handle mortgages for Service 1 Credit Union. We have used Larry Rottman as our appraiser for over five years. The credit union and I are very happy with Larry's work and would recommend him to anyone."

Mike VanderWall, Senior Mortgage Consultant

AmeriCu Mortgage

"Please be advised that Larry Rottman of Midwest Real Estate has completed appraisals for our company for several years. He completes the appraisals quickly and with professional accuracy."

Shon A. Cook, Attorney at Law